A multisciplinary artist and educator based in Oakville, Ontario, primarily practicing in pyrography.

My work embodies themes of growth, rebirth, and the euphoria of being surrounded by elements of nature. I strive to create designs that work with the wood and compliment the existing beauty within the grain. To create something that doesn't act to cover up the wood, but to merge as though it was meant to be there all along.

Where it Started

Before I was introduced to pyrography - also known as wood burning - I dabbled and experimented in many different mediums, especially taking a liking to the worlds of screen-printing, copper plate etching, drawing, painting, and sculpture with mixed medium. My undergraduate studies in fine arts enhanced the opportunity to develop my skills and understanding of design and concept.

Post-graduation I was accepted into a local artist residency where I focused on my drawings and sculptural work, and grew my gallery resume through group and solo exhibitions. Though I loved these experiences I felt disconnected from my artistic goals and didn't know my place in the "art world". I was soon exposed to the practice of wood burning through other fellow artists, and finally decided to buy my first wood burning kit and a slab of wood.

I immediately felt drawn to create designs that would compliment and move with the wood grain. Inspiration flowed endlessly. While it was a complete learning curve, the result of my first handful of pieces was better than I expected. I became completely enamoured with pyrography, and the adventure had just begun.

The support I have received on this journey has kept me inspired and moving forward, and I'm so thrilled I can share the things that make my heart happy with you all. I hope these creations can also bring you joy, or at least some curiosity into the world of pyrography.