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Hannah Veiga Studio

A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call Home

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A place to Call Home, 2024

Original burning on a 38.5 x 22.5 inch spalted birch burl, accented with copper leaf. 

Inspired by her strong connection to nature, Hannah takes you on an escape into the woods with this piece, bringing the forest floor to your eyes. It is inspired by a poem she wrote 5 years ago, which can be found at the further down the page.  

This piece has been finished with non-toxic, water-based polycrylic to ensure the integrity of the artwork and the wood. 

Dimensions are measured edge to edge of the wood including bark. 

Included with the artwork is a keyhole hook installed onto the back, as well as a hand-signed Certificate of Authentication from the artist. 

Hardware for hanging not included.

Images are high resolution and have been taken to showcase the artwork as accurately as possible. This piece of wood is a natural live edge, the dimensions stated are taken from the widest-longest measurements. 

Payment and Shipping:

Upon purchase of this piece, please allow 2-3 business days for Hannah to pack your order and prepare for shipment.

Delivery via Canada Post within Canada can take up to 1-7 business days, US orders deliver in 5-10 business days, and International can take 1-3 weeks. 

Some countries have strict policies on live edge wood being imported. If you do not see your country listed at check out, please email and we will research into your country's customs policies.

Hannah generously covers shipping costs internationally. The artist is not responsible for any additional duties and/or taxes incurred upon arrival of your order. 

Returns & Refunds:

All original art is final sale. If you wish to view more images or videos of the artwork prior to purchasing, you may contact Hannah via email with inquiries. Please note original artwork cannot be put on hold. 

If any damages occur due to courier mishandling, please email within 24 hours of receiving the order to report damages. Reports of damage after this 24 hour period will not be compensated. 

For more information related to our policies, please visit the Terms of Service page.


The Poem that inspired this piece, "Make Yourself at Home"

Grass welcomes the bottoms of your feet; lush jade comforting the spaces between your toes and musk from the woods fills your nose

You've been here before 

Fungi breaks through fallen branches, their forms growing elegantly before your eyes

Bark begins to split and break for the strange matter to consume and claim its ground

The forest blanket awakens to tickle the soles of your feet and urges your body forward, the opening that let you in entangles itself closed behind you

Vines submerge from the bed of earth and wrap around the oak giants, the soft evergreens and their fungal residents

We've been waiting 

The whispers stay close to your ear, a soft breath that starts at the tip of your ear and runs miles down your spine

The beautiful forms that grew from the organs of the trees are suddenly sprouting in your palms

Your arms have become vines of ivy and roots have taken over your legs and the veins that once ran under your skin, plunging into the ground, so far deep through the earth that it could touch the waves of the ocean who's whispers send your eyes to rest

Make yourself at home 

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